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Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort

Bedrooms are not just the place for your comfort but also to show off your decor designs. You can try out multiple options in decorating your cozy bedroom in such a way that can look trendy as well as can offer you the right comfort so that you can wake up sparkling the next day.


Raised Floor

One of the most amazing and dreamy designs is that of having a raised floor on which you can spread your bed. It will give a feeling as if you have spread out blankets on your floor itself. This is one of the most comfortable options to have while making your bedroom look beautiful.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Raised Floor
Photo Credit: Instagram @vhtstudios

Brick Accent Walls

A bedroom is not just about having a comfy room with lots of blankets and frills. It can also have an industrial look with options such as brick accent walls. For those who wish to show their personality to be tough one can always have such decor in their bedroom.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Brick Accent Walls
Photo Credit: Instagram @designsbyashleyknie

Wallpaper or Wall Print

Wallpapers can create illusions if the right wallpapers are pasted on the right walls. If you are highly confident about your decisions about a particular pattern or print on a wall, you can also get the wall painted.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Wallpaper or Wall Print
Photo Credit: Instagram @alexanderreneedesign

Fitted Furniture

If there is a bit of space left out after your bed, you can always consider having some fitted furniture by the wall. The fitted furniture can offer you options for having a study table or a work station in your bedroom while saving upon space.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Fitted Furniture
Photo Credit: Instagram @studioantonini

Clear Glass Closet

Are you a fashion freak and wish to turn your bedroom too into a boutique? You can ideally do it by having a clear glass closet just next to your bed. Your closet can run by the length of your bed and can include different sections where you can hold up clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Clear Glass Closet
Photo Credit: Instagram @cca78

Level Up

If you have a small space for your bedroom, you can divide the room into two parts horizontally. You can have the bed at the center and just by the bedside, you can have a staircase that can lead to the next level just above the bed where you can have your closet area.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Level Up
Photo Credit: Instagram @stephents3d

Themed Bedroom

Who says themed bedrooms are just for the kids? You can always have a themed bedroom also for yourself with some matured themes such as the legends or your hobby such as music.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Themed Bedroom
Photo Credit: Instagram @girlandtheword


Every design can actually go in vain if you have not got the right kind of lighting. You should check that which are the areas that need to be in focus and you can put up the right lights as per the requirements.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Lighting
Photo Credit: Instagram @ibuilddevelopers

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Do you wish to bring in your garden inside your bedroom? Well, you can always do that with some bit of tricks. Try hanging some plants on top of the bed. Having a platform bed is also an added advantage.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Bringing the Outdoors Inside
Photo Credit: Instagram @zebodeko

Round Bed

The round bed is always the signature design of a royal bedroom. When you have got this, you can decorate so many things around it.

Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Comfort - Round Bed
Photo Credit: Instagram @aashiyana_interiors

Let your imagination flow and you will be able to catch up with the most creative elements to decorate your bedroom in the best way.

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