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Great Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Inspiration

Having a beautiful kitchen is quite important if you wish to impress your guests. Also, having a great kitchen motivates you in cooking with a happy face. But just having a beautiful kitchen enough where you do not have enough space to work? Of course, not! You need a proper workstation where you can work comfortably. Also, having a proper countertop or a working space makes the kitchen more spacious that makes it look even more attractive.


If you are looking for some great kitchen island ideas, here are some of the options that you can check out. Do not worry much because you will be able to get them within much affordable budget.

Minimalist Kitchen Island

This particular kitchen island is something simple yet something that can offer you a good amount of space for your work. The countertop is a perfect one to provide your kitchen a perfect look and also offer you the comfort of working conveniently and cleaning the island comfortably too. Also, the white glossy surface of the island is great in reflected the light so that you can have proper brightness in the kitchen and you can have an impression of having a spacious kitchen area.

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White Island With Glossy Top

The white finish of the island is perfect to provide the kitchen a bright look. The top is covered with a glossy countertop of marble finish. This reflects the light quite nicely across the kitchen and hence provides a brighter environment. The island comes up with shaker cabinets so that you can have storage in your kitchen island also and you do not have to run to the other part of the kitchen to fetch something while you are cooking. The legs of the island table is designed in an elegant way so that it can look perfect settled in the center of the kitchen.

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Classic White Island

This particular island comes in an off white shade that matches well with the classic tiles that you have in the kitchen. Also the island is great as because normally, it also matches up with all types of cabinets that you have in your kitchen.

The center of the island has a butcher station that is at an elevated level and hence you have got a lot of space on it to do multiple numbers of activities. Apart from the space on the island, you also have a towel holder at the sides so that you can hang in kitchen clothes on it.

Source: @kitchenstudioge
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Movable Kitchen Island

This is the new choice of many individuals of those who have a kitchen with smaller space. As the island is movable with casters, you can move it somewhere else so that you can have enough space in your kitchen. Apart from being movable, the island also has a number of open shelves in it so that you can keep in items such as trays and plates in it too.


Extra Leaf Option

There are a number of times when you have a smaller kitchen and you may need an assistant to help you in the cooking. In such a situation, the kitchen island can get quite congested and small for working of both of you. The kitchen island with extra leaf is the perfect option in such a case. The island comes with four casters that makes it easy to move so that you can take it to a place where both you can work together. Also, the island is available with foldable leaf options that can be opened to create some extra space for that extra person who has come up to help you.


Pull Out Island

There are so many different types of island options available today for a smaller kitchen. Even of you do not have a smaller kitchen but you do not wish to have a big island, you can make use of this. In case, someday if you need more space on your island, you can pull out the extra section that will provide an extension to the island so that you can have more space for working on the island. When the work is done, you can push this extension back again to its actual space.


The Wooden Island

Are you looking for some rustic look in your kitchen area? What about the wooden kitchen island options? It comes with reclaimed wood and matches exactly with the wooden flooring that you have in your kitchen. The butcher block is provided at a height on the table and the whole set up is done in such a way that it gets quite convenient in preparation of the food in the right way.

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The Stylish One

The kitchen island is not only something that will be helpful in your kitchen activities; it is also helpful in transforming your kitchen into a masterpiece. Having a stylish kitchen island is something that you need if you think in the same way. Such kitchen islands have an extended elevated portion that can serve as a table and can be accompanied with chairs. Apart from this, there are cabinets in the island where you can stack in extra times that is covering up space on the island. Shelves are also available in the island that can be equally useful in a number of times.

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Stone Kitchen Island

If you are dreaming of a luxurious kitchen interior, you should not compromise on something usual. You should go for options such as the stone kitchen island that offers you a great spacious counter as well as a great looks to your kitchen.


Rustic Island

If somehow the kitchen theme is rustic, you can get this rustic kitchen island also for your use. The wrought iron made island will have a number of cabinets so that you can prepare food and also store your items in the cabinets.


Apart from these many options of different kitchen islands mentioned here, you can also get a DIY kitchen island for yourself. You can get items left over in the house such as boards, bricks, and wood and arrange them to get a kitchen island for your kitchen in case if you do not wish to invest money in getting one. There are also times when you can get a wooden one and then customize it according to your needs.

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